"For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers." Proverbs 11:14
The Biden Administration has tied itself into a geo-political and economic gordian knot. The Biden Administration has taken the economic and geo-politically stability of his predecessor and converted it into a catastrophe. The United States faces an Economic, Political, and Security destabilization unlike any other in our history. We face elements of the crises of 1812, 1861, 1929, and 1939 all at the same time. I do not view this as many others do, as a by-product of incompetence. I view this in a more utilitarian perspective. This is preconceived, purposeful, and consistent with the larger Unconventional and Cultural Warfare campaign against the United States.
Biden radically outperformed all previous Presidents to include Barack Obama in getting elected. Biden achieved an election result that was unprecedented and beyond any election result in modern history. This was done over an incumbent who gained congressional seats, won 14 of 15 bellwether counties, and gained votes over his previous successful election results.
For many It was difficult to believe 81 million U.S. citizens voted for Joe Biden. With Barack Obama’s assembly of the Biden Administration coupled with his sovereignty over Corporate News Media, it should not have been. Barack Obama had the unique ability to leverage the D.C. Beltway, Billionaires, and Hollywood Elites to support his “calling the shots from the basement” third term.
It would be reasonable to expect Biden would not be able to garner that much support in a 2024 re-election effort. The mechanisms to achieve such an anomalous election result are no longer reliable. Although Barack Obama’s hegemony over Corporate News Media is reliable, it is no longer as effective.
Corporate News Media has been clearly shown to be an ideologically driven information operations racket. In 2020 a Gallup poll found only 9% of Americans trust Corporate News Media. Additionally, many state assemblies have passed resolutions barring governors from taking election powers from the legislatures as was done during COVID 19. These efforts were key elements in driving the number of Biden votes to such unprecedented levels. Additionally, Biden was elected in Trump’s economic and security environment. Unless sympathetic courts can imprison his primary rival, Biden will have to be re-elected under that direct security and economic comparison.
How unstable would the current administration allow things to become to prevent losing power?
Back in 2022, Biden stated “We have to demonstrate that Trump will not take power if he does run. Making sure he under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution, not become president again.” It raises the question; just how would Biden do this? What legal authority does Biden have to prevent, delay, or suspend elections?
The Judiciary in the United States is the branch of government responsible for law. This branch has direct oversight of the execution of law in the United States. This is tied to the concept of Habeus Corpus, or the right to a fair trail and relief from abuse of power. This means a person detained by the government, has a right, for an impartial court, to determine whether the government has lawful authority to detain that person. The current administration would have to suspend this right.
Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public safety may require it." The Insurrection Act of 1807 provides guidelines on the impositions of Martial Law. There is nothing specific about the suspension of elections, but judging by the 2020 election, this is the most likely course of action. The wide area attack I have described before would enable the President and enough of Congress to grant this authority. Unconventional Warfare elements embedded in immigrants or cartels could be coming across our southern border. Wide area simultaneous attacks on our infrastructure, in conjunction with EMP devices, and man portable nuclear and biological weapons, would allow the current administration to do whatever it wanted to whomever it wanted. The question is, is this a premediated means to an end?
What we must remember, what I have said repeatedly, anything that damages the United States enables the Chinese Communist Party and its proxies. An erosion in the electoral process to establish a political class that is an anathema to the will of the American people is a key CCP goal. Where a foreign nation can enrich the families of proxy politicians to further their goals in US policy. A prime example is the relationship Diane Feinstein and her family had in China, or Hunter Biden has in the Ukraine.
Make no mistake the Chinese Communist Party wants to replace the United States in world affairs. The United States must be completely destabilized for them to do so.
The Chinese Communist Party is enabling the destabilization of the United States through internal and external means. The primary external threat to the United States is military over extension in multiple theaters of conflict. The Russian over-reaction to the Ukraine breaking the Minsk accords is a perfect example. I stated prior to the invasion of the Ukraine, that Biden’s Afghan withdrawal was the green light, the Russians just had to wait for the Olympics in China to end. What started as a Putin vs. Obama interpersonal spat in 2010, became a Putin masterclass in exploiting Obama’s weakness.
It has further devolved into a nepotistic money grab that threatens to entrap the US military fighting trench warfare against a nuclear-powered adversary.  Hundreds of Thousands of people have died in the fighting to date. We have already depleted our capital and supplies into this fight that shows no signs of a military solution. No military solution unless it involves a massive escalation most likely requiring full mobilization.
With our perilous fiscal and economic environment, the urge for some to leap into open war is tempting. There are those in the D.C. establishment who see a global war as a cure for our social, political, demographic, and economic issues. They use the explosive economic growth during and after WW2 as the example. FDR exacerbated the Great Depression just like Obama did with the great recession. The resolution involving the potential death of millions, if not billions, of people should not be the answer. The United Kingdom lost its position as the global leader because of World War 2, the United Sates would likely do the same is we engage in global war.
Also, a war between Russia and the United States only benefits the Chinese Communist Party and their proxies.
In an attempt a further expose the United States, Iran and it’s proxies Hamas and Hezbollah attacked Israel with a brutality typical of the region. The Revolutionary Republic of Iran has long called Israel and the United States the “Little and Great Satan”. While many scoff at this, it has certain accuracy routinely ignored. When the Jewish population was facing genocide in Europe last century, many immigrated to the United States. The Jewish population in the United States was smart and in order to protect itself, moved into the higher echelons of American society.
Jewish people are predominate in law, business, finance, medicine, and other well-paying professions. Jewish people are very large percentage of the media and entertainment industry. About half of the top 1% of earners in the United States are Jewish. The same is true for Congress. This natural, as a Chirstian Nation, the United States is more accepting of Judaism than any other place on earth.
The American connection to Judaism and therefore Israel is something the Iranians and their Chinese backers seek to exploit. The fact Carrier Battle Groups were off the coast within days of the Hamas attack, shows the United States, under the right pressure, could not only be drawn into war in Europe but simultaneously in the Middle East. Make no mistake U.S. Political leadership prioritizes the Ukraine and Israel over Taiwan. This obviously supports Chinese Communist Party regional and strategic goals.
The dynamics of Biden policy that enabled the attack by Hamas is a complex juxtaposition of factors. Jewish and Arab relations, the Sunni – Shia split, human rights, self-determination, the right of self-protection, Jewish and Arab influence over U.S. politicians, global trade, Chinese global aspirations, Russian regional goals, and Iran’s fundamentalists obsession with the 12th Imam. With global war as the potential outcome, our most feeble president invites further chaos.
The pattern of attack conducted by Hamas, a cross border Unconventional Warfare raid, should alarm every American. The declining defense structure of the United States under the Biden Administration is inviting this very type of attack. From the erosion of the border to a lack of risk awareness puts American citizens in danger. In particular the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas should be on high alert for this type of activity. Unfortunately, the dispersion of illegal immigrants across the United States puts everyone at some level of risk.
Hamas used limited duration weapons and effects. These were small arms, drones, and man portable anti-armor weapons. Hamas’ rules of engagement were criminal at best. If Iran, China, or some other group wanted to conduct this type of attack it is doubtful it would be conducted with such recklessness or such limited duration effects. Any attack on the United States, even with our inept leadership, will result in an overwhelming response. This means that whomever would try this type of attack would have do so in such a way they would hinder, if not deny, the United States the ability to respond.
If the wide area UW operations I’ve described are focused on food supply, power generation, and water sanitation, they provide the opportunity to grind the U.S society to a halt. Biological toxins in the food and water supply would cause massive panic. With vehicle portable EMP devices, large logistical hub cities in the Great Plains and Midwest could be crippled.
Decades ago, Army Special Forces was issued the Mk54 SADM man portable nuclear devices. It is known other nations have developed similar devices. While their explosive yields are in measured in the 10ths of kilotons, the psychological effects of these weapons are un paralleled. The use of one device in a major U.S. city, would enable adversaries, or their proxies, to hold the entire nation hostage. What is more likely is it would be used in politically sensitive area and with a false flag methodology.
The attack will mostly likely to be done in clandestine manner, where the sponsor would take great care not to be exposed. The Biden Administration has shown fairness, due process, and legal precedent is longer relevant. For example, January 6th protestors are having the maximum penalties imposed, meanwhile Palestinian and Supreme Court protestors invade the capital with impunity. If a wide area attack was a false flag attack blamed on political opponents of the current administration, the destabilization of the United States would be assured.
This scope of this type of attack would enable the Biden Administration to enact the Insurrection Act and impose martial law. Again, they would blame domestic political opposition at every turn. As the Clinton’s used to say “never let a good crisis go to waste”. As we’ve seen recently, American courts have an ideological slant. The political fissures in American Society would quickly turn into chasms. A political exploitation of an attack by the Biden Administration would be met with real opposition in Red States. The hypocrisy and over extension of the political left has already pushed the United States to the brink. A politically motivated response to an attack by the Biden Administration is virtually assured. This could create open hostility within the United States.
This type of constriction and retraction of American global influence would be critically important prior to any Chinese regional or global efforts to seize territory. The Chinese have been telling their military to prepare for war with the United States recently. The Chinese window of opportunity is before the end of the Biden Administration.
Since we are following the exact same historical lead up to World War 2, we should expect another Pearl Harbor. With many leftists wanting to use war powers to reshape America and others looking to finically profit from global war, the power structure in D.C. just might be inviting it.
The Chinese know that once war with the United States comes, regardless of how successful their initial attack is, a powerful response will come. Much like the Japanese, they will have a limited amount of time to achieve their goals that require naval or aerial supremacy. There will be a U.S. response, but if constricted by Russian action in Europe and Iranian action in the Middle East, Tiawan will be an afterthought. Since the CCP is a one man show, President Xi is more than willing to let his uneasy allies of convenience in Russia and the Middle East take the brunt of an American response.
China knows eventually the strait of Hormuz, the Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean, the straits of Malacca, and the skies above them will be closed to their commercial shipping. This leaves China with one option. To pull the resources it needs from the Middle East and Africa over land. When the only effective land bridge from Africa to Asia is directly through Israel, Iran and their proxies’ actions make even more sense.
When the current activity in the world is viewed from a biblical perspective it is even more clear. I have been saying for years that we are mimicking the lead up to World War 2 and it feels a lot like November 1941. Gordian would be impressed with the know Biden has tied us in and it appears Alexander is tied up in court.