Product Descriptions

The Rapid Target Engagement "Plumb" Reticle

The Plumb Precision Rapid Target Engagement Reticle or “Plumb Reticle” will provide users with a new reticle pattern for rapid and accurate engagement of unknown distance targets. This reticle pattern is specifically designed to provide a more accurate and capable shooter in less time. It also allows for experienced shooters to engage targets in complex multi distance environments more effectively.

The “Plumb” reticle will allow the end user to engage targets in a close range or reflex mode, therefore capitalizing on the one power capabilities of modern variable power optics. Targets that are at intermediate ranges, from 100 to 600 meters, can be rapidly and accurately engaged using our proprietary technology. The Reticle also allows for deliberate and highly accurate shots based on the known size of the target.

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Variable Power Scope Quick Throw Mount

The Variable Power Scope Quick Throw Mount is a mounting for a variable power scope or other small arms optics. It allows the user to change the magnification power of the scope in a different and more ergonomically efficient manner. It utilizes a throw lever with a geared assembly on the mount body. This interfaces with a geared ring that mounts to the variable power ring on the scope. This allows the user to change magnification more effectively. Intended to be a sensor driven solution for variable power optics.

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Modern Small Arms Enhancements

Plumb Precision Products has an extensive library of proprietary product solutions for many modern small arms. These include an SR-25 magazine adaptor for the HK 417/G28/M110A1 (CSASS), SR 25 pattern trigger modules for the Mk.17 series of rifles, Universal Bolt Carrier Groups with a Recoil Impulse Mitigation Kit. Receivers designs for Mk.17 type rifles, and product solutions for many other systems. The are provided by simple cost effective, and in some cases free license agreements. Contact us for specifics Meeting your needs—exceeding your expectations: It’s all in a day’s work for Plumb Precision Products LLC. We’ve helped clients in both commercial and government markets with our customer based, operationally aligned, dynamic solutions based approach. Our solutions meet three primary tenets: improving performance, supporting doctrine, and showing a cost benefit. It’s all in a day’s work for Plumb Precision Products LLC.

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