We should recognize any action taken to disarm a population enables future adversaries.
We know the American left wants disarmament so that it can weaponize the government against its political opposition. These anti-second amendment perspectives usurp the Constitution. Those positions are akin to sedition and treason. Those positions must be rejected at every turn.
Currently the Governors in the West Coast States have already or are poised to pass the most restrictive firearms laws in the nation. In apparent unison, far left politicians elected by vote by mail and single digit margins, are openly defying landmark Supreme Court Decisions.
On its surface this seems like the typical legislative retribution so common in far-left politics.  Once in power, the left always moves to take away your rights. Regardless of legal precedent or ramification, emotional payback for those who vote “wrong” is always first on the left’s legislative agenda.
The American left provided tens of Billions in military grade weapons systems for the Taliban, which has already killed thousands of innocents. Yet for some reason the far-left is far more focused on U.S. civilian firearms. While this typifies the left’s reaction-based policy, there might be something more nefarious behind the left’s efforts to undermine the right of self-protection.
Most understand the left wishes to collapse our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Social Justice Big Tech Oligarchy. The left uses a model of cultural warfare that was Pioneered by Mao Tze Tung in China.
There are 3 phases to this method of cultural warfare. Strategic Defense, Stalemate, and Offense. In some U.S. states, in particular those with mail in voting, the far left is in Strategic Offense. In fact, the mail in voting election irregulates started in Washington State’s 2004 gubernatorial election.
This where the rule of law the opposition is strictly held to by the left is openly ignored by the left. Where the slightest infraction by the opposition results in immediate punishment, yet the same offense by a leftist is ignored.
Where legislatures, elections, and courts are skewed in favor of leftist goals. For example, the Pro-Trump protest in DC in early 2020 resulted in immediate arrests, solitary confinement, denial of right to speedy trial, and right to legal counsel. Yet, on the date of this writing Antifa is burning Atlanta with impunity, as they have so many other cities.
The trendline for this should be very alarming to those who have seen recent global events. An implosion of the American Global system is possible. The probability is low, but it is possible. We never considered the Great Depression, Peral Harbor, or 9-11 as possibilities either. I accurately predicted the Russian invasion of the Ukraine several years prior. I also accurately predicted the current dispersion of forces as the most likely outcome. What I am going to discuss is a possibility that we need to take great care does not come to fruition.
There are nation states and international organizations who would profit from an implosion of the American global security apparatus. One element is the U.S. Navy guaranteeing the freedom of movement for global trade. Another, and arguably more important is the U.S. Dollar as the world reserve currency. Global organizations have made statements for a decade about replacing the U.S. Dollar with a digital global currency.
This would require a destabilization of the United States that would remove its global hegemony status. If replacing the United States with a global order, an American implosion would not be necessary or even feasible. Permanent destabilization might be ideal, while occupation of territory might not be necessary, the ability to occupy and hold U.S. territory, in order to cause a massive U.S. retraction, is much more feasible than you might think.
What does this have to do with the right of self-defense? What does this have to do with gun control?
2nd amendment is the key deterrent of any invading force. It is the key obstacle of any occupying army. Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, World War II, and the American Revolution were all dramatically altered by armed populaces.
Imagine you are a Chinese General tasked with the mission of seizing and holding sympathetic left wing US territory. Just how would you do this?
It would take decades of preparation, but currently like the Crimea in 2014, the conditions are moving the right (wrong) direction. This is extremely high risk, very unlikely, but there is a way, we should not ignore it.
You would first prepare the battlefield.
West Coast Governors and Statehouses are more aligned with the CCP than Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis. So, the next Republican President will not be welcome in the pacific states. Population loss caused by leftist policies on the west coast dilutes political and physical resistance. Those who might stand against CCP “Emergency Security Assistance” for a break away U.S. West Coast, have probably already moved to Texas.
In February of 2020 former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to the National Governors Association. West Coast Governors were specifically warned about their relationships with the CCP.
The President’s family has deep financial ties to the CCP. It is more than just “10% for the big guy”. The U Penn think tank that appears to have access to President Biden’s trove of classified documents was paid by the CCP.  US Congresspeople make millions in Chinese and China oriented investments. A Democratic Senator’s husband is the only Non-Chinese person to own a bank in China. There have been multiple known CCP spies on the staffs of Democrat elected officials.
The American political left is mostly bought and paid through profits from Chinese market access. This pales in comparison to the weight the CCP wields ideologically and financially over the West Coast economies.
Puget Sound and Silicon Valley tech companies and the Billionaire class are far more in tune with Mao than Madison. Many remember the apologies offered by NBA players and coaches for supporting democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2019. CCP policy is known to directly alter U.S. Corporate policy.
The CCP has direct influence over the American Left. This in my opinion is not an accident and should be alarming. Is the influence strong enough that the NCA could be compromised in order to delay, hinder, or prevent a DoD response? If this happened under and economic implosion or a contested change in political power, it becomes more feasible.
So, the political and economic situations are very well developed for the CCP. The security situation would need a catalyst to allow for the occupying forces to be given the latitude to come ashore. To the modern American Left, the election of a Republican to the White House might be more than enough. Considering what appears to have happened with mail voting and other overt corruption, life under the CCP might be a lot safer for the American left.
We may have reached a point where we might not be able to heal the political divide. Regardless, if the Pacific State Governors wanted the CCP to occupy the west coast they could open the 7 largest west coast ports to Chinese container ships. These would be filled with CCP troops and equipment and dozens of these ships arrive daily. If this is meant to destabilize a politically divided United States in order to provide operational latitude for operations in the Taiwan Strait, it seems more likely.
With mail in voting, any type of resolution could be legitimized, to include cessation from the United States into a CCP administered security co-operative. The natural defenses afforded by the Sierra and Cascade Mountain ranges would make conventional military operations very difficult.  Since this would also be politically difficult as corporate media would be trying to provide as much top cover for the breakaway region. Imagine the CHOP zone from 2020, except its now the entire Pacific coast. An autonomous region that openly invited the CCP to provide security during a period of political transition in Washington D.C.
I know this is extremely unlikely. But imagine the left's actions if Donald Trump was being re-Elected, nothing would be off the table.
Efforts by far-left American politicians to develop illegal registries with laws like Washingtons’ overtly unconstitutional 1639, are an important first step towards illegal confiscation. While this is most likely for leftist politicians to exact revenge on political opposition. But in the scenario, I just mentioned, this information would be handed freely to the occupying force. The biggest and most dangerous variable in the viability of this operation is still not resolved.
Because what would stop all of this, before it could start, is an armed pro-constitution populace. There are over 44 million semi-automatic rifles in the hands of American Citizens. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and other guerilla type wars have shown that an armed populace is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to control.
If the sitting President were to communicate to armed Americans in occupied areas to conduct Unconventional Warfare operations, it would create such chaos an occupying force would seek to extract. More than a Million Americans just spent 20 years fighting irregular warfare. This would result in extremely high casualties for an occupying force. The conduct of irregular warfare in the 21st Century is a subject still not fully defined or understood. While tactics and technologies can be debated, military occupation of hostile populace is fraught with risks and dangers. A populace as well armed as the United States would be near impossible task.
The removal of the right to keep and bear arms, or the massive restriction of it, is the most important objective of any power hostile our nation. The subjugation of the Amercian population through ideological, subversive, or physical means requires the neutralization of the 2nd Amendment.
With operations in the Ukraine fresh in the minds of the world’s military commanders, the armed American Citizenry is greatest deterrent to invasion or occupation. Efforts to erode the right to self-defense are efforts to enable future enemies of the United States.  These polices authors should be viewed in the same light.