EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Proposal Title: Multifunction small arms system Estimated Funding Requirement: Ten Million USD ($10,000,000) Proposed Start Date: Nov 1st 2017 Proposed Completion Date: Nov 1st 2018

Objective of the Initiative This initiative will provide the United States and its allies a modern small system that can replace more than a dozen current DoD small arms programs with one system. This system will be able to rapidly adopt new technologies. This will allow this small arms system to adapt to current and future requirements. This program will save the Department of Defense potentially hundreds of millions of dollars over conventual systems. Our program is designed to eliminate waste, maximize efficiencies, and exploit redundancies.

Executive summary The Department of Defense is currently fielding small arms systems that were designed over 50 years ago. These small arms systems are lacking the capability required by current and future operational environments. Many of current small arms systems have cumbersome and proprietary logistical supply chains. Most small arms systems in DoD are unable share small parts or major components. This drives system costs higher and reduces DoD operational flexibility. None of these systems are designed with the intent to rapidly upgrade to new technologies.

Plumb Precision proposes a two-stage Initiative:

Phase 1: Analysis This is an analysis of defense doctrine, requirements, and small arms programs. This study will provide key information for streamlining system implementation, meeting current and potential requirements, and emphasizing on cost savings.

Phase 2: Multifunction small arms system development This is a disruptive new technology which aligns with current and future requirements.

The capabilities of this system will contain Plumb Precision proprietary intellectual property. The information obtained in Phase 1 will guide development of key capabilities and efficiencies within the weapon system. The weapons system will replace multiple legacy systems with one platform. It will be designed for diverse tactical requirements, while supporting doctrinal applications, all with an end state of producing cost savings over current DoD small arms programs.

Result: One overarching small arms system with the ability to meet current and projected requirements. This system will maintain and expand current small arms capabilities. This small arms system will have the generic attributes of: Accuracy, Adaptability, Light Weight, Interoperability, and Survivability.

The Plumb Precision multi-function small arms system will allow DoD a cost-effective pathway out of legacy systems into a modern small arms system. It will be able to quickly adapt, within current force modernization structures, to meet current and emerging requirements. Cost saving attributes of the weapons system will stem from production, implementation, sustainment, and efficiency improvement methods.

These capabilities are focused on providing cost benefits to DoD over the legacy systems to be replaced.

The intent is to allow the new efficiencies to maximize the cost offset procurement of the Plumb Precision multifunction rifle system. This will result in a small arms system that fits the strategic requirements, doctrinal applications, and logistical needs of the entire force.