A response to Senator Feinstein’s Firearms “Enabling act of 1933” or the Assault Weapons Ban of 2021

In 1933 Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany. One piece of legislative action removed all obstacles to power for Hitler. Hitler used the Reichstag Fire, the original political false flag, to seize authoritarian power.

The panic resulting from Reichstag Fire set the conditions where Hitler could unleash the Reichstag Fire Decree. This decree suspended civil liberties after the burning of the Reichstag under the auspices of an "insurrection". The legislation set aside parts of the Weimar Constitution, granting Hitler and his cabinet the right to rule by decree.

The United States is entering into a period where survival as a Constitutional Republic is in doubt. Our system of constitutional rights, co-equal branches of power, and representative government is in absolute peril.

Just like in 1930's Germany we are facing a re-emergence of authoritarians and tyrants. The Communist Left in America politically weaponized China’s COVID-19 virus. They constricted the rights of the people while radically altering the outcome of the 2020 election.

Today the Biden Administration is overtly ignoring our constitution and ruling by executing order. Leftist lawmakers and their sycophants in the corporate media are pushing a playbook Hitler would be familiar with. Joe Biden just told the American people HE would be setting guidelines for when and how we could act on Independence Day. Just one symptom of the greater authoritarian disease.

Recently, Democrat Governors ran roughshod over their states. They ignored state legislatures and state constitutions by rewriting election laws, choose who can earn an income, and locked down populations in near prison colony lifestyles. A permanent erosion of our rights is currently underway. Historically, the good guys never re-write history, ban books, or terminate employment over opinions.

The final check against authoritarian rule is under its greatest threat in our history. The media pounds the lie nobody needs an AR-15 daily. Understand an armed populace is the greatest deterrence to the possibility of invasion, oppression, and genocide.

Nothing provides a check on a government monopoly on power like millions of citizens armed with arms

equivalent to the government. (See Vietnam and Afghanistan for reference).

A new “Enabling Act of 1933” sits before Congress. "The Assault Weapons Ban of 2021" is the key effort to establishing authoritarianism in the United States. The capital riot, one far less violent that the ones that ravaged our inner cities in 2020, is the raison d'etre. Notice the fortification of the capital. Notice the constant use of “domestic terrorism” or "insurrection" to describe political opposition. Waco and Ruby Ridge happened the last time semi-automatic rifles were banned in 1994. This shows Democrat administrations will use the physical power of government against those it dislikes.

The boxcars to Auschwitz are still down at the rail yard, but they are there. We all know the CCP enables the American Far Left. The true power brokers of the Democratic Party reside in Beijing and the Bay Area. Look at how China controls its population. In particular, look at how the CCP manages the Uyghurs. The CCP has them under total electronic surveillance, 24-7-365. American Conservatives are becoming the new Uyghurs, the new Jews. If the Communist Left in this country is successful, we will live under the authoritarian single party rule. The rule of those who loathe our existence.

The American citizenry is aware on both a conscious and subconscious level that something is wrong in our country. The political convenience of COVID-19, media bias, big tech censorship, election fraud, cancel culture, defunding the police, state government overreach, and the obvious buffoonery of the new administration has put tens of millions of Americans in a state of alarm.

Gun and ammunition sales are unprecedented. On the international stage, China seeks to use this opportunity to exert dominance over the United States. With China's influence in Big Tech, Media, and the Democratic Party, we are becoming a Chinese client state.

China has made their demands clear. They want to disarm the American public. Whether it be Global Times (CCP state media) articles. Alternatively, their official “The U.S. has no other choice but to adopt gun control” statements are prevalent.

They have their champion in the sponsor of this bill, California Senator Diane Feinstein.

Senator Feinstein has served as a Senator since 1992. Since then she has become one of the most powerful Senators. She has sat on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. Her connections to the CCP are deep and broad. She had a long-term Chinese spy as a staffer. She denies any knowledge of their activity. Additionally, FBI director Chris Wray acknowledged “China from a counterintelligence perspective represents the broadest, most pervasive, most threatening challenge we face as a country.” Such powerful connections to a competitive foreign power is reason for serious concern. Unknown to many, her connections to the CCP extend into her family finances as well.

USA Today says Feinstein has a net worth of $58.5 million, which is a fraction of her actual wealth. Richard Blum, her husband, is himself worth at least another $1 billion. Feinstein told the Wall Street Journal that she had been going to China since 1978. When Feinstein was first elected to the Senate in 1992, her husband’s interests in China amounted to less than $500,000. Feinstein was named to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1995. From that point forward, the Feinstein family financial penetration into China skyrocketed. Richard Blum’s airline holdings had the only non-stop travel services to China from the USA. His company eventually acquired Shenzhen Development Bank. This is the first time a Chinese bank came under control of a foreign entity. Diane Feinstein’s is ensuring China’s investments are in her are as profitable as her husband’s investments are in China.

Make no mistake, the CCP’s interests are clearly understood by the senior Senator from California. Mao Tse Tung said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” and “The Communist party must control the guns, or it will be controlled by guns”.

In light of that long established communist doctrine, the nefarious connections become alarming. The disarmament of the American Population is key strategic goal of the CCP. Armed citizenry is why Japan had no intention of invasion of the United States during World War 2. Russian and American experiences in Afghanistan show dedicated armed indigenous populations are extremely difficult to defeat. With an intact 2nd Amendment, the United States would decimate any occupying power.

We must ask why is China so concerned about American private gun ownership? Why is Senator

Feinstein so focused on delivering on this key goal of the CCP.

Feinstein's bill seeks to have all semi-automatic rifles added to the NFA registry. The National Firearms Act was passed to regulate fully automatic machine guns, which is constitutionally suspect on its own. $200 tax stamps for millions upon millions of guns in existence legally. Not only does this create massive taxes on your rights, but a registry. Non-compliance with the NFA is a felony. The ATF cannot handle this additional load. Millions of Americans will be out of compliance due to not fault of their own. As a reference, see how the IRS handles citizens with unknown non-compliance.

Senator Feinstein seeks to use an elected position to strip the rights from and then criminalize her fellow citizens.

She is starting with taking your God given and constitutionally protected right of self-defense and forcing a registry for it. Ask New Zealand and Australian citizens how that works. She then seeks to take your legally purchased property and tax it into oblivion. A single misstep on your behalf and you will be a felon. The process will be filled with delays and complexity as any government program is. Government will labeling the noncompliant as “Domestic Terrorists”, subject to the full power of Patriot Act surveillance authorities. The Biden Administration is already normalizing that vernacular.

The full weight of the Federal Government will be authorized against Senator Feinstein's political opponents. I believe survivors of the 1930’s Jewish population would be alarmed by these actions.

The worst part is AR 15’s and other rifles have very little to do with violent crime. Every year the FBI produces data on violent crime. Specifically, they publish firearms deaths by type. I use the raw data provided by the FBI. Where I found that all rifles of all types, not just modern sporting rifles, constitute about 350 homicides per year from 2007 through 2017.

The Center for Disease Control calculates this differently and their numbers reflect about 440 per year over the same span. Given that the FBI statistics pertain to all rifles, the homicide frequency of modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 is even lower. Modern sporting rifles compose a fraction of all the rifles used in crime. There was an average of about 13,500 homicides per year from 2007-2017. Even with mass shootings involving AR-15s, they only account for about .001% of homicides.

The leftwing newspaper New York Times conducted some analysis on the subject. Covering the same 2007-2017 period, they state, “173 people have been killed in mass shootings in the United States involving AR-15s.” That is 173 people killed with Modern Sporting Rifles (AR-15 type) over ten years.

Many of these events can be exacerbated by psychotropic anti-depressants. While only 17 deaths per year, each is still a tragedy.

It would take about 125 years of AR 15 based homicide to equal one years’ worth of sharp and blunt object murders (2200). This law has nothing to do with saving lives. What it has to do is the disarmament of political opposition.

Considering the socialist government sponsored genocides in the 20th Century, we all need to take note. We are already in a situation where the authoritarian playbook is being executed. Controls over speech, movement, and employment are being widely implemented. It is not a big jump to see “reparations” politically targeted to attack conservatives and their companies. As our governmental structures fall further into leftist lockstep, one obstacle remains, the Second Amendment.

Our founders had just thrown off the shackles of the most powerful government in the world. They were acutely aware we might have to do it again. While common sense would dictate, “shall not be infringed” is clear, common sense is not in play. We are dealing with sinister intent from a group of radicals who have gotten themselves elected. If the 2020 election was completely legitimate. If the courts had allowed the people and states to air their evidence on the matter. If the capital was not surrounded with the largest peacetime troop deployment in recent history. If the response to the protest in DC was not a call for suppression of insurrection. If political opposition was not being reframed as “domestic terrorism”. The timing of the overt attack on our Constitutional rights might be less alarming.

Alarm is what should course through the veins of every dedicated supporter of individual liberty.

The totalitarian playbook is being executed right in front of our eyes. While the Trump Administration failed in its mission to bring the Government back under the accountability of the people. It exposed the corruption and nepotism that defines much of the bureaucratic state. Much of the American Public knows something is wrong.

The Radicals and Communists have to make this happen now. Erosion of the four boxes that defend liberty are under withering assaults. We are losing the Soapbox to corporate media and big tech. We are losing the ballot

box to dominion voting machines and voter fraud. We are losing the Jury box to the courts’ political selectivity.

But none of that matters if we can retain the ultimate check on oppression and genocides, the cartridge box. The killing fields of Cambodia, the executions in Cuba, the camps in Germany, the Gulags in the USSR, and the tanks of Tiananmen Square all remind us of the eventualities of Socialism.

After the 2020 election, there were calls by many Democrats for re-education of conservatives. While that train has not left the station, make no mistake the train exists. It is obvious the boilers on those locomotives are being heated up.

Totalitarians in our government and other governments want the Second Amendment abolished.

It is the lynchpin of all individual freedom, globally. As long as the last resort of government accountability resides in the hands of the American Citizen, others across the globe can have hope they might one day be free from oppression. That free American Men and Women might take up the cause of liberty, as we have so many times before. Those Americans might free them from oppression, as we have so many times before.

Make no mistake if we lose the ultimate check on government oppression here, it dies permanently. Ms. Feinstein’s bill is the greatest threat to that right we have ever known.